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Sahar Habib Ghazi

Global Voices
Managing Editor
San Francisco Bay Area
I help run the unique and borderless Global Voices community and completely virtual newsroom, where we cover 167 countries in 35 languages, through our stellar group of 1400 volunteer writers and editors. I also produce a podcast called Into the Deep with Lauren Finch, Global Voices' News Editor. Before joining Global Voices in 2012, I worked as a journalist in Pakistan where I covered war, elections, natural disasters, and human tragedy, always searching for hope in my storytelling. In 2006, I helped launch the country's first English language TV station. In 2009, I produced a TV series on US-Pakistan relations, called the Disposable Ally. I was a Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford University in 2011 and I'm currently on the board of Media Matters for Democracy, a media policy and research group in Pakistan.